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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Of this group, next comes the promising aspect of Bourbannais Grove, Illinois. From this small French settlement near Kankakee, application was made for Brothers Of The Holy Cross to open a college for Boys . . . But the Brothers were unable to fulfill their engagement to open the college which had been erected." OUR PROVINCES, pp. 78-9, Sister Renata, 185-

"In September, 1846, the aged missionary (Badin) again severed his connection with the Kentucky mission, by his acceptance at the hands of the Right Reverend W.J. Quarter, Bishop of Chicago, of the pastorship of the Congregation at Bourbannais Grove, Kankakee County, Illinois, composed almost wholly of French Canadians." THE CENTENARY OF CATHOLICITY IN KENTUCKY, Benj. J. Webb

"A college had been built here and the Brothers of Holy Cross had been promised for it. As it was found impossible to supply the Brothers and as the Sisters had very poor accomodations, they were withdrawn on July 4, 1860. Thepriests of St. Viator from Canada then accepted the college . . . .Sr. M. Eleanore" ON THE KING'S HIGHWAY, p. 293, 1858

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