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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Meals were brought to the log cabin home by a Brother from the college kitchen."

-- Sr. Renata: Our Provinces, p.2

"The Council determined on setting a third table in the refectory." Nov. 27, 1843

"The Council ...ordered a second table to be prepared for the Brothers."

January 2, 1844

"Butter will be given every Friday as before, and Brother Lawrence will try to buy a few milk cows." Minor Chapter December 11, 1848

pg. 293

"Brother John, if possible, will go to our new land at Plymouth to make sugar."

January 2, 1849

"Our sugar at Plymouth shall be made by the Indians." January 29, 1849

1851: See "Finance"

1848: See "Lakes -- Food"

1849: 1876: See "Augustine, Brother"

"That the studying Brothers who fast do get a half cup of coffee in the morning and a whole cup of the same at noon. Council of Administration February 6, 1845

"All the Brothers and workmen to take their breakfast at 6:00." July 7.

"The bear meat, venison, and the sturgeon from the old St. Joe appeared no more at the College dinner, and a new regime had begun."

-- Scholastic, 28:610 Quoted by ND student, Edward Kilroy, No. 15 (1845)

"That most of our pigeons should be killed for Pentecost."

-- Local Council May 24, 1852

"That fish should be caught for the last days of this week. November 9, 1847

"Cheese or butter will be bought and some of the workmen will be employed in fishing." Local Council March 27, 1848

"3 barrels of sugar at 6 cents shall be taken from Mr. Bracken."

-- Local Council (1849)

"That meat or butter shall be procured for the breakfast of the boarders."

-- Local Council (1853)

"Nothing shall be changed now for the breakfast of the pupils. Potatoes will be given with beef for dinner, and cabbages with pork. In the evening cold beef, with salt over it, will be served from time to time. Fish or butter are to be had for Fridays. Pies will be given to the boys every day."

-- Local Council October 25, 1847

"We will try to buy 4000 pounds of pork."

-- Local Council December 20,

"The breakfast of the adjutant Brothers and of the apprentices will take place at 6:00, this being more conformable to the custom of the country, and to the wish of the majority." Local Council September 4,

"Some hogs shall be killed, and some pork from time to time shall be served at the some workmen's table. Besides there shall be some given to them at the same meal, Breakfast, some dessert, such as baked apples, cake, molasses, butter and potatoes, so as to conform to the custom of the country, for here breakfast is considered as the most important meal." October 12, 1848

"The luncheon shall be abolished for all next lent, as being rather hurtful to health."

-- Local Council December 20, 1848

"The oxen of Mr. Baron will not be bought, but fish will be caught and prepared with oil. Brothers Vincent, Lawrence, Basil and Francis de Sales will fish the whole day on Wednesday." Local Council April 26, 1847

"Potatoes shall be given every other day, and ordinarily with the skins on."

-- Local Council September 5, 1850

"Fish to be served three meals a week."

-- Local Council March 31, 1851

"Resolved: that the Community should not fish this year but buy as much fish as required." Local Council February 23, 1851

"... 4) That 2000 pounds of beef might be salted: 5) That three of our cows should be killed; 8) That fish should be caught for the last days of the week."

-- Minor Chapter November 9, 1847

"We will try to buy 4,000 pounds of pork."

December 20, 1847

"Whereas pork is very cheap this year, we will eat alternately beef and pork during the winter." December 27, 1847

"Pork will not be often served, as its frequent use would very likely give occasion to a great deal of diseases." January 10, 1848

"A committee was named to look into the condition of the butter on hand."

-- Local Council (1872)

"The steward is to procure better butter. Mrs. Dillon will be requested to superintend the work of packing it."

-- Local Council (1872)

"Great quantities of sturgeon shall be bought, and also some corn." May 6, 1850

"Once a week fresh meat shall be given." May 5, 1851

"The bread shall not be eaten so fresh any longer."

-- Council of Administration (1846)

"For the future, less potatoes shall be mixed with the bread."

-- Council of Administration (1846)

"More molasses must be used in order to save butter."

-- Council of Administration (1846)

"Brother Basil, Brother Joseph and his boys shall go after huckleberries next Wednesday morning, starting at 3:30 ."

-- Council of Administration (1846)

"Father Granger (Master of Novices), complained of the scarcity of food at the Novitiate." Council of Administration (1846)

"Sisters are to be requested to cook the beefsteak better."

-- Local Council (1867)

"Fowl and ham on Sunday."

-- Local Council (1867)

"Chickens every other Sunday. Sweet potatoes ordered."

-- Local Council

"The necessity of improvement in the college fare was discussed. The meals served of late were found defective in many respects owing to bad management in the kitchen and in the refectories.... A bill of fare for each week was ordered to be prepared."

-- Local Council (1868)

"Rye will be mixed in the coffee in the future."

-- Local Council (1868)

"Ham or beefsteak will be given three times a week to the students and community." Local Council (1870)

"Three meals of strawberries will be served to the students before Exhibition Day.

-- Local Council June 5, 1869

"Resolved : That Father Spillard should give some instructions to the Sisters regarding the beefsteaks with onions and spices."

-- Local Council

"Brother Francis must procure better butter."

-- Local Council

"Resolved: That the Brothers should not be permitted any longer to take as breakfast more than one full bowl of coffee and that accordingly bowls of the same size shall be distributed to each one."

-- Monthly Council of Brothers December 12, 1849

"40,944 pounds of beef mutton, and pork have been sent to the kitchens during the months of October throughout December."

-- Scholastic (1868)

"700 hams and shoulders were bought during the same months, and a much larger number procured from the farms have already been disposed of.

900 pounds of butter a week.

250 pounds of sugar a day.

2 barrels of fish a meal.

4000 fowls a year.

200 dozen eggs a meal.

-- 600 fed daily"

-- Scholastic March 7, 1868

"Resolves for the Second Time: To purchase a silk bag wherein the ground coffee and the tea should be kept while boiling, thereby avoiding the much complained mixture served out in the refectories." Local Council September 18, 1869

"... Also the system of making teas should be improved and the present abominable system discontinued." Local Council (1870)

"It was also decided that supper for the community would be at six; those engaged at the farm will take their meal at seven."

-- Local Council (1870)

"It was proposed to give beer next year to all the students who will be willing to pay $8 or $10 extra." Local Council July 7, 1862

"Coffee made with carrots was then brought in and presented to the members of the Council for examination. After tasting it, they all pronounced it to be excellent. As this sort of coffee (if coffee it be) is much cheaper than the genuine coffee, the Provincial directed it should be immediately and exclusively used."

-- Local Council November 24, 1856

"The kitchen shall be furnished with ten gallons of milk per 100 persons."

-- Local Council March 7, 1864

"469 gallons of milk were received at the kitchen during the week ending May 7.

"588 gallons of milk during week ending May 16.

"603 gallons of milk during week ending May 23.

"670 gallons of milk during week ending May 30.

"720 gallons of milk during week ending June 20, and 64 pounds of butter."

"Chapter decrees, 1867:

Breakfast: Coffee, meat, butter, no steaks.

Dinner: Soup, one dish of meat, potatoes, and some other vegetables, dessert.

Supper: Meat, tea, no coffee, no milk, milk shall not be used as ordinary beverage at meals."

"Mr. Bayer of Brooklyn shall be written to for procuring us tea to the amount of $100. Local Council September 9, 1861

"Ham or beef steak will be given three times a week to the students and community." Local Council September 9, 1870

"Resolved to improve tea and coffee making. Father Lemonnier to visit Chicago hotels in regards to this. " Local Council (1873)

"Brother Norbert to assist Brother Thomas in making ice cream."

-- Local Council (1874)

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