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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"James Flynn, born 1810, entered May 8, 1844: Habit, August 21, 1845; professed, October 22, 1848; died April 3, 1884. Wood cutter at Novitiate; 1849, a student on the farm; 1850, a wood cutter; 1851, farm; 1861, assistant in lime yard; 1847, Instructor at Vincennes; 1847-48, baker at Notre Dame."

-- Scholastic 17:30 p. 489

"Toward the end of last week, one of Notre Dame's oldest and most devoted religious passed away from earth and received the reward of his labors. Brother Michael, known in the world as James Flynn, came to Notre Dame, and entered the Community in the year, 1845. From that time on he manifested an energy and zeal that made him invaluable in the various occupations to which his superiors assigned him. About a year ago, he contracted the disease which brought him to the tomb. But his was a well-spent life, and it was with confidence he heard the call of his Lord to receive his reward. R.I.P.

-- Scholastic April 12, 1884

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