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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Let these things be written to another generation: and the people that shall be created shall praise the Lord because He had looked forth from His high sanctuary upon the earth." Psalm 101:19

"Difficulties are the stones out of which God's houses are built."

Rev. F. W. Faber

"...although many things have been well and faithfully written about the past and present of Holy Cross, it is nevertheless true that they are mostly fugitive pieces; for "The days of old, the days of gold" were long and burdensome days with very brief twilights in which to indulge in reminiscence in record."

-- Priests of Holy Cross , J. W. Cavanaugh

"For the arriving at the inside of a thing, the publications of letters is the truest method. Contemporary letters are facts."

-- Newman

"We are sowing the seed now, and perhaps it will remain buried for many years; but even if the harvest be destined for other hands, we shall not have lost our time."

-- Mother Theodore

See: Archives, Bishop Luers, Noll's Tribute....


"Father Cointet proposed that all the boarders should be called, "Mister"; but some opposition being made by Father Superior (Sorin) and Brother Francis de Sales, it was resolved that no decision or decisive action should be taken before having obtained some information on the subject from other colleges and universities."

-- Council of Professors, March 7, 1845

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