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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"And amid the trials the Community has had to face amid the changes that have come to it in time, and in men and in place, it has ever remained true to the mission and purpose for which it was founded -- even that same ideal that animated the early missionaries in the place 200 years ago, to carry God's holy truth as far into the land and to as many of its inhabitants as possible.

"And this the Priests and Brothers of Holy Cross have done by the 3 great avenues of teaching -- in the Church, in the classroom, in the colleges of the press...But the great work and glory of the Congregation of Holy Cross is its work in the schools. In ten dioceses are its priests and Brothers engaged in teaching youth in schools, high schools, and colleges. Called into being to teach the catechism, its members have remained true to their first vocation, but they have found time to add thereto secular knowledge, so that they make their place among the finished teachers of the land...

" this citadel of learning of religion have not come the wealthy with their millions, but instead the priests and Brothers of this community have coined their labors, their sweat and their blood to pay for its tone and metal, its brick and mortar. Their toil and their fatigue have been unending each one silently and patiently has borne 'the labor of the day and the heats', and when for him the night came, he would pass it cheerfully, uncomplainingly, to his successor. The priests and Brothers have been careful, conscientious teachers and have, in a literal sense, proven a great success as messengers of God's word that the good Father Dujarie could have ever hoped and prayed for. They have taught the boys and youths of successive generations, and these all have gone forth and but few were not a credit to the university that trained them."

Diamond Jubilee Sermon at Cardinal Gibbons' Mass (1917)

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