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The Story of Notre Dame
Brother Aidan's Extracts


"A frame church in Niles shall be made by our carpenters at an expense of $600, which sum shall be collected by Father Cointet."

"A basement shall be built under the brick church in Niles, should the collection warrant it, and a double frame house shall be raised on our lot there, partly by Mr. Cos, who will work at it for an amount of $200 to be paid in Schooling."

-- Local Council April 9, 1849

"At the beginning of next week, lime and sand shall be taken to the foundations of the contemplated church in Niles, and next Wednesday Mr. Bertin with Brother Dominic shall build the foundations."

-- Local Council April 24, 1849

"Brother Stephen will start in a few days to make a collection for the purpose of repairing partly the losses occasioned by the conflagration of the Orphan's Home, of the kitchen, shops, stables, etc."

-- Minor Chapter November 19, 1849

"Niles seems to be the favorite resort of the students this session when they wish to enjoy a day of recreation. Rev. Fr. Superior, Professors J. A. Lyons and Ivers were the only invited guests of its President."

-- February 1, 1868

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