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Brother Aidan's Extracts

PATRICK, BROTHER (Michael Connelly)

"This Brother joined the community at St.. Peter's, Indiana. A little rough in his manners, he was, however, a good and faithful religious. For many years he chopped the wood for the college, and worked to the end. He died in the present Infirmary, aged 70 and more.

"Died, April 18, 1867." Granger Memo.

"Born Co. Meath, Ireland, 1797; entered August 15, 1841; habit August 21, 1842; professed August 30, 1846. Died April 18, 1867, Good Friday.1 1841-43 -- farm; 1844, refectorian; 1845-9 butcher; 1850, refectorian, candle maker."

"(First member admitted in the U.S.) died here on Maundy Thursday [Discrepancy in day of week] in the Professed House, our dear Brother Patrick, in the 71st year of his life, and the 24th of his religious profession. Privileged, humble Religious! His burial took place on Good Friday at the hour consecrated by the laying of Jesus in the sepulcher. He was the first member admitted in this country into the Congregation of Holy Cross. For more than a quarter of a century he persevered with us through many a privation and trial, ever edifying and devoted; we loved him and feel his loss -- will not our friends pray that he may rest in peace?

-- Ave Maria, 3:284 (1867)

"Brother Patrick, 56, refectorian, a good Brother. Somewhat harsh in speech with students and confreres."

-- Sorin Memo. (Memos made in preparing obediences) (1846)

"My work being done, I was ready for the home journey.

(Clarksburg, Michigan)...."

"I reserved a surprise for my father. I had not told him that I had studied the Irish language under Brother Patrick, professor of Irish. As I was recounting to my father the subjects I had studied, I said, "I can read the Irish language!" He seemed incredulous, so I got my book of poems in Irish and read 'The Bells of Shandon'. When I had finished reading I asked him if I had done well. He made no reply but on looking up I saw a tear glistening in his eye. My father was born within hearing distance of the real 'Bells of Shandon".

-- Letter, Mr. Thomas J. Dundon, Alumnus. Oct. 18, 1873.

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