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Brother Aidan's Extracts

PAUL, BROTHER (John de la Hoyde)

"This Brother was an intelligent young man, well versed in English literature, and consequently of a great help to the Community at this epoch. He wrote a beautiful hand and acted as bookkeeper. He was besides truly pious. He died of consumption at the age of 28 years. He died May 8th, 1844.

"Entered at St. Peter's; secretary to Father Sorin... Irish born."

"He was Irish by birth; he came to the Novitiate at St. Peter's in 1842 from New Orleans, where he had lived for seven years as clerk in a store. Possessed of a very quick and penetrating mind he acquired a thorough knowledge of merchandising. His long sojourn in the South,

added to hardness of hearing, gave for awhile some fears concerning the readiness of obedience required in a Community; but his spirit of faith and his sound judgment overcame all obstacles. Shortly after his arrival at the Novitiate, a very tempting job was offered him by a New Orleans acquaintance but he generously refused it, and thus confirmed himself in his holy calling. Indeed, it soon became a matter of surprise to see a young man, well educated and for some years accustomed to an easy life, persevering in the practice of humble and obscure duties. He was considered by the Community as one of its best teachers and most promising members. He was suddenly seized with a violent attack of the inflammation of the brain, which carried him off in four days, despite the various remedies that were applied. He died a novice on May 8, 1844 at the age of 28. His unexpected death made a profound impression on the Community and all the others. Their most sincere prayers for his eternal repose followed him in the tomb. He had been a Brother for nearly two years."

-- Sorin Memo. (1842-45)

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