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Brother Aidan's Extracts


Age of: "Thus, the Chapter, after serious consideration, begged Father Provincial to use his influence in order that the age now fixed by the Constitutions may be changed, and that the Salvatorists may make their profession at the age of 18, and the Josephites at the age of 21, provided they have gone through the Novitiate."

-- Local Council, May 17, 1868.

First: August 30, 1846. "On this day Brothers Ignatius, Patrick, Anthony, Stephen, John, John the Baptist made their perpetual vows according to the formula of the Manual of 1845, and the Rev. Superior has received them."

(Signed) E. Sorin, A. Granger, Brother Vincent."

-- August 31, 1879: "On the 31st of August the following novices made their religious profession in the Congregation of Holy Cross at Notre Dame -- Bro. Nicholas (John Burchard), Bro. Eustachius (John McInerney), Bro. Paschal, (Cornelius Regan), Bro. Ladislas (Anthony Kringer), Bro. Cosmas (Nicholas Bath), Bro. Arnold (Arnold Van Berchum), Bro. David (John Welch), Bro. Terence (Jeremiah Greaney), Bro. Innocent (John Carroll), Bro. Meinrad (Frank Harrat), Very Rev. Wm. Corby officiated"

-- Ave Maria. Sept. 14. 1879

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