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Brother Aidan's Extracts


1844: Allowed 17,000 francs to N.D. (about $3,281.00)

1846: Gave 12,000 francs to N.D. for year. (about $2,316.00)

1846: "The grant of 15,000 francs by the Propagation of the Faith, which we learned toward the end of autumn, was a great consolation amid our vexations and sufferings."

-- Sorin Chronicles.

1854, Nov. 9: 7,000 francs for N.D. if it collects it. At present sends three-tenths, or 2.100 francs.

1855, April 16: 4,900 francs to complete the 7,000 francs promised.

1856, Jan. 4: Propagation grants 8,000 francs conditionally.

1865, Dec. 31: "Says Civil War was over, N.D. prosperous, so Propagation must give funds to other Missions, hence cuts off N.D."

1866, Oct. 8: Grants 14,000 francs for 1866 instead of the 50,000 asked for by Father Carrier. Thought N.D. well established there, but learned of enormous debt; sends it according to Sorin's wish, for upkeep of Sorin's House of Charity for orphans and old people. Two tenths allowed for the present, will send balance when authorized. Granted 1,000 for 1867; 1868: 3,000 voted.

"Brothers' Novitiate received money from the Propagation of the Faith." Nov. 28, 1859.

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