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Brother Aidan's Extracts


First Public Notice of a School to be opened under Sorin's Direction: "The Brothers of St. Joseph, lately arrived from Europe, intend to open a school in Daviess County, where the Novitiate of the Institution will be kept. The Rev. E. Sorin is Superior."

-- Catholic Almanac, for 1842, p. 108; published in 1841.

"Hilw in Paris, 1846, Sorin had printed a folder making known N.D., its college, novitiate, orphanage, etc., to excite the charity of the faithful, but he didn't succeed so much as he thought he would."

-- N.D. Archives.

1846: See "Sorin -- Member of Grand Council".

1849: "A sketch of the nature of our Society, written down by Father Superior, to be sent to all the clergy of the United States, was read and approved."

-- Minor Chapter. June 8, 1849.

"It was decided to have the catalogue of this year printed at our own press."

-- Local Council, (2,500 copies) 1865.

"Printery, 18' X 40', two stories high, to be erected.-- Ditto. Printing office to be enlarged, 40' X 20'."

-- 1872: See "N.D. Canvassing." (Kiegan's articles in the Cincinnati 'Catholic Telegraph' may have helped to make N.D. known among the Bishops and Priests. H. R. Kiegan was a merchant of Bertrand.)

1850: "Now to preserve its existence in this country a college needs to keep the attention of the public fixed upon its work in order to secure pupils."

-- Father Sorin's Chronicles.

"Rev. Father Dillon will go to around Springfield, Illinois, to get students."

-- Local Council Aug. 26, 1861

-- "Rev. Fr. Joseph Leveque shall go to South America."

-- Local Council Sept. 9, 1861.

"Mr. Larking will go South to canvass for students."

-- Local Council. June 29, 1863.

1864: "It was resolved that some members of the Community should be sent to spend their vacation in different places of the United States for the purpose of canvassing."June 12, 1864.

1866: "Advertisement in the Shawnestown 'Mercury' for $30. is allowed."

-- Local Council. Feb.. 12.

1872: "It was decided that several of the Brothers should go out canvassing for the College"

-- Local Council. July 5, 1872.

(Sorin to the 'Catholic Telegraph'; 1859) "We wish to secure in one or two of the best journals of the country a sufficient space, say, one half column for a weekly bulletin of our institutions, Notre Dame and St. Mary's. This bulletin should be made with a view to interest the families of our students, about 200 in number, one half of which are fresh patrons every year. We think that in a short time not a few of these patrons would become regular subscribers to the paper which would contain such a report and also that quite probably many of our students after leaving the institution would continue their preference for the same paper.... We read publicly at meals, and of course would select some interesting articles from the adopted Journal."

-- Provincial Archives , E. Sorin, C.S.C., 1859

-- SeeAdvertisement, 1843"

"N.D. Building and advertisement, Aug. 1, 1844."

"Advertisement of N.D." "Catholic Almanac", 1846.

"Sorin, Member of Grand Council."

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