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Brother Aidan's Extracts


(Reading at Table) "Mr. William Hacquin shall read every morning at the workmen's table for breakfast and sit at the end of the table or near the window."

-- Council of Professors, April 4, 1845.

(At dinner of students the 'Following of Christ' was read in 1845)

(Reading at Supper) Mr. Louis Job L'Etourneau shall read twice a week at supper"

-- Council of Professors, Feb. 7, 1845.

(Corrections) "That Brother Gatian should correct the Reader at table for the future."

-- Council of Professors, Oct. 5, 1847.

(Spiritual Reading) "Everywhere 'Christian and Religious Perfection' by Rodrigues shall be used for spiritual reading. No other book shall be read, except with the permission of the Superior, and that for a short time only. Everywhere once a month for six months, the letter on Obedience by St. Ignatius shall be read."

-- Ordinance of Father Visitor Drouelle, Nov. 21, 1848.

(Reading at table) see 'Rev. Walter Elliott, 1917'.

(Reading in the Refectory) "The readers in the Refectories should remember the difficulties against which they have to contest, and therefore they should pay attention to the extra cultivation which is required in order to succeed in being heard. They should endeavor to do their best and make themselves heard in all parts of the room. This reading is a most useful exercise, and should not be regarded as a task or a penance."

-- Scholastic.

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