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Brother Aidan's Extracts

SIMON, BROTHER (Maurice Berecher -- Died June 27, 1902)

(1872 on) "Brother Simon is still hard at work on the Scholasticate grounds. Come sunshine or rain, or snow, it's all the same to Brother Simon. As long as there is the least chance of working, he is sure to be on hand. Scholastic. 1875.

"Brother Simon is making some excellent 'walks' around the Scholasticate grounds." Scholastic.

"Brother Vincent and Brother Simon have made the grounds around the Professed House the neatest and tastiest of all the pretty places that spring can show around the (campus) College."Scholastic, 1872.

1875: "Brother Simon has greatly beautified the north shore of the lower lake (St. Mary's). A fine walk has been made and the lower lake bids fair in a few years to rival the beauty of the upper lake." Scholastic May 22, 1875.

1880: "Brother Simon is busy planting trees in the Presbyterian park.(Refers to the park behind the Presbytery.) Scholastic 1880

1896: "Forty years ago, when that splendid old sycamore yonder was a hill-side weakling, all this basin (near the grotto) was under water and St. Vincent's (Community House) was, in very truth, "The Island". Then a light foot bridge spanned the tide-less strait that lay between the College and the House of the Professed.... The very road that skirts the base of the 'Island' cost three weary summers of an old Man's life -- a gentle religious who after his superiors had given him surcease of labor, took up the work of his own accord and rested not until it was finished. And you may cover the 400 yards of it in as much (many) minutes as the years he spent in building."

-- Scholastic May 30, 1896.

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