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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Paul shall write to the University of St. Louis to know what books we must adopt."

-- Council of Professors, 1844.

(See "Studies, 1856 -- Moreau")

"Brother Stephen's class and the apprentices shall use the grammar printed here and not learn geography, at least in the beginning as we have no text books."

-- Council of Professors, II. 24.

"Washington Irving, the Grecian History, and if he (Mr. Shawe) finds the work good, the Universal History of the same author shall be bought for the other six months."

-- Council of Professors.

"Mr. Shawe shall be induced, if possible, to teach Math, History, and Algebra without books."

-- Council of Professors., II, 25.

"Brother Bernard shall have books from Niles if any can be found there."

-- Council of Professors, I, 51.

"Father Superior will buy arithmetics in Niles and 15 premiums in 'Bertrand."

-- Council of Professors., III, 8.

"When a pupil receives a book, he must not lend it to any of his fellow pupils."

-- Council of Professors., III, 8.

"Brother Joseph shall buy 65 premiums, 3 German grammars, 3 German dictionaries, and 3 German Readers."

-- Archives of N.D., 30, p. 56.Dec. 21, 1846.

"All the pupils shall have Gospel books and learn a verse every day."

-- Council of Professors., II, 25.

"Those boarders who pay may be allowed the have Walker's Dictionary."

-- Council of Professors., II, 29.

"Brother Gatian, whose sentiments on the point of were congenial to those of the other councilors, complained of the perpetual waste of books."

-- Council of Professors., II, 34.

"Roman histories and French dictionaries must be bought. A dozen Guffey's Readers will be bought."

-- Minor Chapter. Oct. 13, 1848.

"Schools shall use Mr. Emerson's Arithmetic, Mr. Mitchell's large geography, Mr. Hale's History of the United States. Feb. 18, 1844.

"Our present class books shall be exchanged for new ones duly approved and the Brothers will be compelled to use the 3rd Reader of the Christian Brother."

-- Local Council, July 18, 1858:

"Brother Amadeus shall go to New York, if money can be procured, to exchange our old class books and make some provisions.

-- Local Council

"Luke Murphy and William Macquin shall give their Histories and

Catechisms to James Whelan and Alexis Coquillard in the morning and these shall return them at 4:30 p.m."

-- Council of Professors., I, 4.

"Classical Books shall be got from New York and France as soon as possible."

-- Council of Professors., I, 11.

"Dec. 6, 1844. Brother Paul received orders to distribute paper and pens tomorrow and there forth every other week as it had been previously decided. 6 sheets and 3 quills must be given each time. Brother Paul must give as much paper as they want for copy books and bookkeeping."

"It was decided that whereas the pupils could not learn linear drawing without mathematical boxes, Brother Paul shou ld ask Father Superior whether the house could go to such expense.

"Brother Francis de Sales said that as soon as the carpenters would not be quite so busy as now they could attend to these things"

-- Council of Professors. Dec. 6, 1844

(Moreau on Textbooks; 1855) "To assure the execution of my desire that the Josephites prepare the text books to be used in their own schools, I hereby put the confreres at Saint-Berthevin, Meslay, and Saint Pierre d'Etremont in charge of what ever concerns arithmetic; those of Vendome, Ponce, and Marannes are assigned the field of grammar; and the confreres of Montjean, Arpajon and Ernee, will see to the primary texts . . . at the Mother House a committee composed of Brothers Gregory, Philip Neri, with Father Champeau as Chairman will be entrusted with the definitive revision of the work of those confreres." Jan. 2, 1855

(Textbooks, Provincial Chapter, 1861 "1) the feasibility of organizing a committee for the composing, compiling and translating books, principally school books and publishing the same."

"Some members said the suggestion was hardly practical inasmuch as every member of the Congregation has as much to do as he was able. Other books than school books would not sell in these distracted times. Opinion against non-text books.

"Committee appointed to go into matter further: Father Gillespie, Chairman, Professor T. A. Vagnier, Sister Mary of St. Angela, and Mrs Williams, of St. Mary's Academy, who is to take charge of the Minim Department."

-- Minutes of the Chapter. 1861

"The Chapter insisted that all the Brothers should introduce the 'Metropolitan Reader' into their schools."

-- Minutes of Provincial Chapter, 1861.

"As for other texts the ones used in the respective places should be adopted.

"The Spencerian System of penmanship was to be followed in all schools."

-- Minutes of Chapter, 1861.

"No teacher is to sell books at a lower or higher price than that of the publisher's retail price."

-- Provincial Chapter, 1861.

Uniform Texts: (See "Education, July 1877")

(See also Provincial Chapter, 1858; Sorin) "Send to our establishment the new set of books which the last Provincial Council (Chapter?) ordered to be printed according to the new method prescribed by our venerable Founder in his circular of March, 1857. They are accompanied with two lithograph sheets of explanation, condensed by our Reverend Father Steward, (Rev. P. Dillon -- ?) and containing in substance the course of bookkeeping he taught the Brothers during their last vacation. it is confidently expected that they'll carefully study them from the text.

"You are already aware that our crops this year have been nearly a failure -- the immediate consequence is that we have to buy everything sooner and more largely than ever. Our wheat and corn are out for more than a month. You will not blame them, either." -- 1858

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