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Brother Aidan's Extracts

TERENCE, BROTHER (Jeremiah Greany - died Oct. 23, 1927)

"For more than 20 years there has been established in the rear of the infirmary building a little shop , about 6' X 10', in which Brother Terence has been engaged in making keys for this Community. Brother Terence began work at Notre Dame by assisting in the infirmary and maintaining the shop at the same time. Seven years later he abandoned the infirmary and since then has devoted his time exclusively to key manufacturing. He performs practically all the work of making keys and repairing locks for the campus and the neighborhood. Very few of the students here know of the Brother and his work; those who do usually apply to him to open doors, trunks, and lockers.

"Brother Terence has been in Notre Dame for more than 20 years, and was 72 years old on the sixth of this month. He manufactures approximately 2,200 keys annually, making about six a day, besides repairing locks whenever the occasion may arise. All the work is accomplished in this little shop, which has but a single work bench and only a few tools."

-- Notre Dame Daily, March 30, 1924.

"The Brother of the Ten Thousand Keys Dies" "Brother Terence, C.S.C., died at the Community House, Oct. 16th in his 75th year.

"Brother Terence was a member of the Congregation of Holy Cross for 50 years. A disease of the heart compelled him to drop his duties early in the spring. He improved slowly and late in the summer was able to walk about the Community grounds. Three weeks ago he suffered a sudden relapse and his strength never returned.

In his half century at Notre Dame, Brother Terence won for himself the name of the 'Brother of Ten Thousand Keys'. His hobby was locksmithing. Whenever a student locked himself out of his room or if any of the locks refused to function, "Brother Terence was called. He was always successful in making adjustments and in his work he acquired a ring of keys -- which was estimated to hold ten thousand keys.

"Brother Terence, whose name was Jeremiah Greany, before he joined the Holy Cross Order, was born in Chilton, Wisconsin, March 6, 1853.

He came to Notre Dame in June of 1877 and entered the Novitiate, August 5, 1877. Two years later he made his religious profession.

"After attending to different duties about the Community for several years Brother Terence was transferred again, this time being appointed prefect at the student infirmary."

"Brother Terence came to Notre Dame 50 years ago -- and during those fifty years always was a fine example of a religious. He fixed locks and keys. Many of you may remember him by that. And for many years he did chores in the infirmary. He was always cheerful and helpful, and although he was born in Wisconsin, he had a rich Irish brogue. and he had all the wit and humor we expect to find with a brogue. He made you feel that God is good and that His service is the happiest thing in the world."Oct. 28, 1927

-- Religious Bulletin, (Rev. John J. O'Hara, C.S.C.)

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