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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Died April 1, 1879. He was a blacksmith by trade. A good, pious Brother, modest and of retiring dispositions His health was delicate and after several attacks he expired in our Infirmary in the sentiments of piety and resignation, aged about 36."

-- Granger Memo.1879

"At 10:30 last night, April 1, after receiving the last Sacraments, and all the helps of our holy religion, our dear Brother Theophilus breathed his last here, in perfect submission to God's holy will. All who knew him will say that another exemplary religious has been taken away from our midst. Let us all hasten in return for the long edification he has given us, to offer in behalf of his dear soul the pious suffrages secured by the Rule to all professed."

-- Circular Letter, E. Sorin, Apr. 2, 1870.

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