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Brother Aidan's Extracts


1878: "We have had charge of St. John the Baptist's School in Trenton since 1875. 310 boys attend under the direction of three Brothers. Brother Urban, Director. The school is in a prosperous condition and gives general satisfaction."

-- Sorin Chronicles. 1878

Dec. 27, 1882: Provincial Archives: Brother Ireneus, Director of St. John Baptist's School.

1876: Brother Camillus, Superior, 3 Brothers.

1880: Four Brothers

1878: Brother Urban, Superior, and 3 Brothers.

1876: "Brothers Camillus, Cyprian, and Cyril open a new school at Trenton, New Jersey."

"Trenton, New Jersey, 1876. New establishment. The Chapter took into consideration the question of naming two Brothers to go to Trenton. It was discovered there were some novices who could be employed as teachers during next term."

-- Minutes of Provincial Chapter. 1876

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