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Brother Aidan's Extracts


Provincial Archives; 1845-46. "Rev. E. Sorin, President until March 1846; Rev. A. Granger, President from March 1846. Brother Justin, shoemaker; Brother Mary (Francis Xavier), carpenter; Brother Joseph, Printer; Bro. Gatian, Secretary; Bro. Vincent, bookbinder, from April, 1846.

"Object: 1) the object of this council of trades was declared to be: the examination of the expenses, receipts, profit, or loss of every week for each shop; and the improvement of every trade. 2) this board (meeting) being merely an introduction, nothing was discussed." Sept. 7, 1845.

1844: See "Brothers Particular Council".

1845: Provincial; "Special resolutions: 'Brother Stephen shall finish the house of the novitiate. p. 6.

"'The work for next week was not assigned. Next week the carpenter shall repair Father Weinzopflen's window, shall finish the steeple at the Sisters and make a staircase there. p. 8.

"'It was decided that for every hour of the week the shoemaker and tailor should charge 10 cents. p. 16.

"'The carpenter spent three days at the portico ($3)'" p. 18, 1846.

Mrs. Herbert's 'Conversations' . . . (3,000 copies), p. 9. 1845.

"Next week the tailors shall make a coat for the Indian and also a waistcoat for him." p. 9, 1845.

"Brother Joseph wants paper." p. 10.

"Brother Joseph finished the Constitutions and printed a form of the Gospels. Next week Brother Joseph shall continue." p. 13, 1845.

"Brother Joseph made almost two forms of the Gospel." p. 14, 1845.

"Brother Augustus said washing the dishes disgusted his apprentices." p. 14, 1845.

"Brother Joseph said he had printed a form of Mrs. Herbert's Conversations, and one of the Gospels." p. 17.

"Brother Mary said he wanted 196 panes of glass, 10 by 72 inches, varnish, whiting for putty, fine sand-paper, 10,000' of weather boarding and 1500 feet of inch planks for the novitiate." p. 20. 1846.

"Made many articles for Father Badin in 1845-46."

"Brother Mary made two boxes, one for the printer and the other for the bookbinder." p. 23. 1846,

"The work of the shoemakers amounted to $16.10." p. 26.

"April 4, 1846. It was decided in the last Council of Administration that the bookbinders should be represented in this Council by Brother Vincent." p. 28, 1846.

"Bound 21 Constitutions ($2); 4 other books (50 cents); Father Granger's Cursus Completus" ($20). Total: $22.50 p. 28. 1846.

"made a coffin for old Mrs. Nadeau ($1)" p. 30. 1846.

"Council of Trades will spend some time every Saturday deliberating on the moral deportment of the apprentices, as also on their improvement in studies.

"Brother Vincent, President, Bro. Theodolus, Secretary, and all the shop masters."

-- Minor Chapter, Sept. 17, 1847.

"The Trades Council shall take place Sunday by 6:00. President, F. Gouesse; Secretary, Brother Bennet, Members: Brothers Justin, F. Xavier, August, and John of the Cross."

-- Minor Chapter, Aug. 28, 1848.

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