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Brother Aidan's Extracts


(See Religious Bulletin, September 290, 1937: Fr. Cavanaugh)


(1840; Louisville to Vincennes) "Five minutes later we entered a thick forest where we saw the most singular kind of road that could be imagined. It was formed of logs, of trees that had been felled clear the way and then brought together to for a raft (corduroy). Where some of the logs had become rotten there were large holes. The coach jolted so terribly as to cause large lumps on one's head. This day, indeed, we danced without a fiddle all the afternoon. The road was really dreadful."

-- Journals and Letters, Mother Theodore; p. 54.1840

(Early N.D.) "Early in November, 1845, he left Detroit, a respectable city of 13,000 inhabitants for South Bend, Indiana, and after a weary day's ride over the miserable strap rail that covered the M.C.R., reached its then terminus, Marshall. A hundred odd miles still remained to be performed through the backwoods of southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana, which was made inside of twenty hours, by hard driving over primitive roads . . . Brothers Vincent, Lawrence, and Gatian completed the party. 1845

"The college consisted of a four story building, about 80' long and 36' in width, without any pretensions to architectural beauty. It was surmounted by a tower, on which stood an iron cross 18' high. In the tower was a fine clock on the dial of which read, 'Tempus Fugit'"

-- Scholastic, An old Boy, p. 99-100. Oct. 18, 1879

(Travel in the 40's) "They had no steam then; there wasn't even talk about a railroad through South Bend and they used flat bands of iron for rails on the embryo M.C.R., which at that time made its way from Detroit as far as Marshall; and which, besides occasionally throwing of the trains in creeks and down embankments, used to poke 'snakes' at the passengers up through the cars. Ah! those were jolly days to travel in!"

-- Scholastic, 19:6.

"In 1850 students from Fort Wayne by stage to Sturgis, thence to Niles, and on another stage, and to Notre Dame. Two days required for the trip." 1850

"Michigan Central just completed; Michigan Southern two years later."

-- Scholastic, 19:321

"1851: First train to go East from South Bend."

(Trains, 1871) "We have three trains a day to South Bend, and three to Niles, on the Niles and South Bend branch Road"

-- Scholastic, July 19, 1871

(Traveling, 1865) "The Council objects to have so many novices and postulants to go traveling during vacation to furnish them with clothingJune 26, 1865.

1874: "It was decided to refuse all traveling or visiting to parents or friends."

-- Local Council, June 16, 1874

(Trains) Leave South Bend at 10:30 a.m. arrive at Buffalo at 4:05 a.m. Leave South Bend at 4:50 p.m.; arrive Ch icago 8:20 p.m. `1873

Traveling on Railroad to Missions: (See "Railroad through South Bend. " 1851

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