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"Brother Matthew to supervise the turf making."

(See also under "Fuel")

"July 17, 1867 . . . 250 tons of turf ordered made. Contract for making turf to be given to Mr. Kavanagh for the sum of $2.50 per ton.

"Jan. 24, 1869 . . . 500 tons of slaking (?) turf at $2.00 a ton to be contracted for with Mr. Hanley. For 500 tons of molded turf at $3.00 a ton, also with Mr. Kavanagh."

-- Local Council.

"Cribs will be put up on St. Joseph Farm for the drying of the turf."

-- Local Council, May 29, 1870.

"1871: it was resolved to continue to make turf and use it together with wood, especially in winter, as it is found to make more steam by using both together."

-- Local Council, March 10, 1871

1872: "It was decided to make 400 more tons of turf."

-- Local Council, March 15,1872

1866: "The Congregation made a precious acquisition in buying 1,320 acres from Mr. Irwin, of which 500-600 acres contain deposits of turf. Already 1,000 tons cut, which will replace 1,200 cord of wood. Our neighbors are astonished that the Catholics from overseas discovered such a treasure for them. They wouldn't believe it until they saw the fires it makes in our boilers."

-- Sorin Chronicles. 1866

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