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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Saints Peter and Paul's Church, of Turkey Creek, was attended as a station as early as 1847 -- by Rev. A. Carius, and from 1850 by Holy Cross Fathers, Cointet, Voors, and Schilling -- from Notre Dame, St. Joseph county, who regularly paid their visits until 1857. Prior to 1862 the Congregation worshipped in a log building."

-- Blanchard, Vol. I, p. 459.

(Bishop Luers to Sorin: 1858) "I am really glad to hear that you are going to send a Brother to Turkey Creek to teach school there. I wish there was a school in every place able to support one, else the children will be lost."

-- Provincial Archives. Bishop Luers 1858

(See St. John's, Indiana, 1858)

" . . . Please leave the Brothers and Sisters at St. John's, Lake County, and at Turkey Creek."

-- Bishop Luers to Sorin; 1858

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