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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"There will be no classes on the 4th of July; all the pupils and professors will go to Mr. Byerley's and there shall be fireworks after supper"-- Local Council, 1844.

(See "Harvesting", and "Classes")

(July 29, 1844) "Boarders shall take breakfast with the Brothers. Some of them shall glean with Mr. Clark and others shall work on the island. At 11:00 they shall go to the study room to prepare some pieces for the distribution (commencement), which shall take place on August 15; those who have nothing to study for Brother Charles shall prepare their catechism. At six they shall go again to the study room where the catechism will be explained to them by Brother Gatian." Council of Professors, I, 15.

"About eight pupils shall stay during vacation. They will have the same overseer (prefect) and the same exercises as last year"--Council of Professors, July 24, 1846. Scholastic Year reopened Oct. 2, 1846.

"This year the Christmas vacation, which some of the pupils were accustomed to take, disarranged more than usual the order of classes and the discipline of the institution, and it was resolved not to permit one any more"--Sorin's Chronicles, 1859.

See also: "St. Mary's of the Lake, Chicago, Ill., 1859."

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