University of Notre Dame

Chronicles of Notre Dame du Lac
Edward Sorin, CSC -- Translated by John M. Toohey, CSC, 1895



Chronicles of N.D. du Lac.

The Very Rev. Father R. Moreau, Rector
and the Rev. E. Sorin, Local Superior.

                                         Chapter 1

                  For two years, the Brothers of St. Joseph had been expected 
             at Vincennes, and during all that time it had been impossible for 
             F. Moreau, their Superior General, to comply with the urgent 
             requests of Mgr. De la Hailandiere.  At last, on Aug 5th, the 
             feast of Our Lady of the Snows, the first colony took its 
             departure, after a most impressive and touching ceremony.  The 
             novelty of the event had attracted a numerous gathering of 
             patrons and friends of the house.  On this occasion, F. Moreau 
             seemed to surpass himself, and he communicated to his entire 
             audience his own emotions.
                  The first colony was composed of F. Sorin and Bros. Vincent, 
             Joachim, Lawrence, and Mary, professed, with whom were associated 

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