University of Notre Dame

Chronicles of Notre Dame du Lac
Edward Sorin, CSC -- Translated by John M. Toohey, CSC, 1895
pg 2         two young novices of fifteen, Bros. Gatien and Anselm, who were
             intended to become teachers.
                  The instructions issued by the Mother House in the beginning 
             appear not to have extended any farther than to the establishment 
             of a novitiate for brothers, at the expense and risk of the 
             diocese which asked for them.  It would even seem that, according 
             to the oral agreement, (for there never existed any writings on 
             the subject) the brothers and this priest were simply given to 
             Mgr. Dela Hailandiere, then bishop of the diocese, on condition 
             that he should pay for their outfit, and also the expenses of 
             their journey from New York to Vincennes, F. Moreau reserving no 
             other jurisdiction to himself than the right to recall them 
             later, supplying their places immediately.  In the course of this 
             narrative, it will appear to how many difficulties this absence 
             of a regular contract gave rise.
                  The delay of two years in the departure of the colony was 
             caused, not so much by lack of subjects as by want of pecuniary 
             resources to meet the expenses of departure, and the delay would 
             probably have been prolonged indefinitely had not Providence 
             inspired a pious lady of le Mans with an idea whose execution 
             unexpectedly furnished F. Moreau with the means of starting the

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