University of Notre Dame



  • AUND C4861 Video (VHS) : Friends of Library at ND (Notre Dame) Annual Dinner honoring Howard W. Phalin 1986/0521

  • AUND A2263 Audio (Cassette) : Ave Maria Press: Keith Egan: Spirituality of Disciple 1988
  • AUND A2589-591 Audio (Cassette) : Colloquy for year 2000 Meeting 1992/0904

  • AUND C5582 Audio (Reel) : Ford Foundation Challenge Two Campaign Promo c1964
  • AUND C5605a AUND C5605a Audio (Reel) : Vietnam Peace Observance [prg/texts in NDR72/73,247ff Fr James Burtchaell, Poem by Patrick Callahan, Talks by Willis Nutting, Frank O'Malley - Sermon by Fr Theodore Hesburgh 1973/0128
  • AUND C5605b AUND C5605b Audio (Reel) : Vietnam Peace Observance Mass 1973/0128
  • AUND C5606 Audio (Reel) : Joan McIntosh, Richard Willeman: mid- Career Changes 1981/06
  • AUND C5610 AUND C5610 Audio (Reel) : Intrumental ND (Notre Dame) Music, Fight Song, etc [15ips] n.d.
  • AUND C5667-671 CB : NCR tapes: Richard McBrien: Church after Vatican II 1983

  • AUND C5670 AUND C5670 CB : Post- Vatican II Ecclesiology 1983

  • AUND C5671 CB : the Church and Ministry 1983

  • AUND C5672 CB : Joan Chittister: Sexism in the Church 1986/10

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