University of Notre Dame



  • AUND C5690-691 CB : Changing Ministry, Congregations of Catholic Sisters 1984/11

  • AUND C5697-700 AUND C5697-700 CB : Maureen McCann, Rosemary Sabina: Continuity and Change 1980/0412

  • AUND C5701 CB : NCEA (National Catholic Education Association) Keynote Address: Jean Houston: Possible Human 1983/04

  • AUND C5702-703 Audio (Cassette) : Jordan Aumann: Teresa's Interior Castle, c1980s
  • AUND C5709-710 AUND C5709-710 Audio (Cassette) : New Canon Law and Catholic Health Care Institutions c1980s
  • AUND C5711-712 Audio (Cassette) : Issues and Concerns in Assuming Ownership / Sponsorship c1980s
  • AUND C5720 AUND C5720 Audio (Cassette) : Gregory Baum: the Prophetic in Catholic Church 1983/0703
  • AUND C5721 Audio (Cassette) : Holy Thursday Evening, Good Friday Morning 1984

  • AUND C5724-731 Audio (Cassette) : Religious Formation Conference Fourth Nat'l Congress: Pilgrims Full of Hope 1986?

  • AUND C5730 AUND C5730 Audio (Cassette) : Anthony Bellagama IMC, Emily Binns, Kenneth Untener 1986?

  • AUND C5731 Audio (Cassette) : Anthony Bellagama IMC, Emily Binns 1986?

  • AUND C5740 AUND C5740 Audio (Cassette) : Karen Parker: Central America Refugees and Internat Law 1985/0709

  • AUND C5741 Audio (Cassette) : Pope John Paul II, Vancouver: From Darkness to Light 1984/09

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