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America - Europe

A Transatlantic Diary 1961 - 1989

Klaus Lanzinger

South Bend, February 10, 1980

Difference of Opinion

In regard to the disengagement policy, a difference of opinion between the United States and its European Allies has come to the fore. While there has been a quick change of mood in the United States toward the Soviet Union and without hesitation détente has been thrown overboard, Europeans are much more guarded and disturbed by the sudden change of mood. The European Allies hesitate to jeopardize détente which has taken so much effort to achieve. Since Western Europe lies at the boundary of the East West conflict, it would have much more to lose in case of a military confrontation. There is an obvious difference between the global interests of the United States and the regional concerns of its European Allies. In this regard, the Atlantic partnership is based on unequal prerequisites. Moreover, in an election year the United States prefers to speak from a position of strength.

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