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Klaus Lanzinger

March 18, 1980

Presidential Election 1980 - the Primaries

Except for Massachusetts, President Carter so far has defeated his challenger, Senator Edward Kennedy, in every primary. That happened in New Hampshire, Vermont, in the Southern states, and today in Illinois, where voters on the Democratic side chose Carter 2:1. Even in Chicago, although Mayor Byrne had endorsed Kennedy, Carter won. On the Republican side, Ronald Reagan has definitely emerged as the winner before Anderson who represents the liberal wing of the Party. According to the present results in the primaries, most likely the presidential election 1980 will be decided between Carter and Reagan.

South Bend, March 30, 1980

The Drawback of Mobility

The proverbial mobility of the American society is corroborated by actual numbers. About half a million Americans change their residence every year. Reasons for doing so vary. Moving to a different place may be brought about by a transfer with a promotion incentive in a company, but may also be caused by the loss of a job and the need to look for new employment in another area. After retirement, people frequently move from the North to warmer regions in the South. This extraordinary social mobility boosts the economy, but it has also its drawback. As it often happens here, families have to leave the surroundings they are accustomed to. Children have to change schools and leave their friends behind. These continuous moves strain the patience of marriages and families. As most women are working and pursuing their own professional careers, it may lead to a tug of war between spouses on who will give in and follow the other. America is a family oriented country. It is not the case - and this will increasingly apply to all advanced industrialized countries - that the family ceases to exist. In the future, it will only be a different form of family from what we have been used to.

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