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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1787/09/30





1787 Sep. 30

Valiniere, (Pierre) Huet de la, vic. gen. (for Rev. John Carroll, prefect Apostolic of the United States)
Kaskaskia, Illinois

to Father (Antonio de Sedella) auxiliary vicar
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

He has previously written to (Sedella) about Father Bernard (von Limpach) a priest in Sedella's territory who supports a certain Paul of St. Peter who claims to be a Carmelite priest and who has been exercising faculties which have not been granted to him. The said Paul has twice forged the signature of Father (John) Carroll and does not recite his treviary; he has also granted dispensations at St. Genevieve, (Missouri) for which he has no faculty. Valiniere's gentle reproaches have but ocassioned abuse from this Paul. Father Bernard admits that scandal will result from Paul's actions, yet he takes his side. Valiniere would be glad to help Father Louis (Guignes, O.M.CAP.) of St. Genevieve who sometimes needs help if Sedella approves. He (Valiniere) has always allowed Fathers Louis and Bernard to help in his territory. He encloses a letter which he wrote to Father Bernard.

IV-4-c A.L.S. 2pp. 8vo (French)

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