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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1787/10/16






1787 Oct. 16

Alicante, (Spain)

Copy of:

1787 Feb.

Chouriach, Isabel
Alicante, (Spain)

to Father Antonio de Sedella, auxillary vicar
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

(Bishop) Cirilo (Sieni) of Barcelona has sent her the writs executed in his court in which she represented her lack of support by her husband. Lorenzo Chouriach who claims a reversal of fortune. Chouriach must be concealing the wealth he has gained during his stay in America since he has been keeper of the general store of Mobile. She begs Father Antonio to obtain 300 pesos from her husband and send them to her to relieve her immediate necessities. Father Antonio is the one most able to help her so she asks him to investigate her husband's conduct, his business and manner of life in (New Orleans).

IV-4-c (Copy of) A.L.S. 3pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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