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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1787/10/31





1787 Oct. 31

Arazena, (O.M.Cap.) Father Joseph de, Opeluzas
(Opelousas, Louisiana)

to Santiago Joseph de Hechavarria y Elguezua, bishop of Santiago de Cuba
(Havana, Cuba)

Up till now he has been able to settle all his troubles through recourse to the Vicar General (Cirilo Sieni of Barcelona, tit. bp. of Tricall) and without troubling Hechavarria. Since his arrival in 1780, he has labored to the satisfaction of Bishop Cirilo of Barcelona who allowed him to choose as his field of labor the district of Opeluzas. But now, Father Francisco de Caldes has returned from Mexico and aims to make Opeluzas his residence claiming that (Hechavarria) has given him the faculty of choosing his place of residence. Great damage to souls will result from Caldes' presence at Opelousas. There is no reason why Caldes could not accept his former curacy. He humbly begs that (Hechavarria) will order that he (Arazena) remain unmolested in the care of the faithful now in his charge.

IV-4-c A.L.S. 4pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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