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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1788/04/16

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1788 Apr. 16

Rivero, Joseph Antonio de, secretary
Havana, (Cuba)

This is a copy of a royal order of Dec. 21 1787 concerning the seizing of the property of Indians to pay legal expenses, the original of which is in the archives under his (Rivero's) care.

1787 Dec. 21

(Charles III, king of Spain)
Madrid, (Spain)

to the archbishops, bishops of the (Spanish) West Indies, Philippines, and islands adjacent and other ecclesiastical judges of the same districts.

Ramon de Posada y Soto, attorney general of the royal audience of Mexico reported on Oct. 1, 1783 the happenings in a case against several Indians accused of idolatry and asked for a royal command to all ecclesiastical judges to observe the law regarding seizing of the property of Indians in order to pay legal expenses, special fees and fines when they are leaving prison; also that dogmatist Indians or teachers of erroneous doctrines should be distributed among the religious convents there to be instructed in the Catholic religion and if they have property this should be left in the hands of their nearest relatives who must assist them while they are in prison. The fact that a perpetual prison has been established in Antequera of Oaxaca, (Mexico) to which according to Isidoro de Sarinana bishop of the place dogmatists are to be sent to and to which a house has been donated by (Father) Antonio de Grado, pastor of Vicayan does not alter this decree. By order of the King, by Antonio Ventura de Taranco.

IV-4-c (copy of) A.D. 7pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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