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1788 Apr. 25

Miro, Estevan, governor of Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana

to Antonio de Sedella, vicar and Ecclesiastical judge of Louisiana
(New Orleans, Louisiana

He sends a copy of the royal decree of Dec. 21, (1787) relative to the prosecution of the crime of concubinage.

1787 Dec. 21

(Charles III, King of Spain)

to his viceroys, presidents, royal audiences, governors and other officers of the Philippines and Indies as well as the archbishops and bishops of the same islands.
Royal order.

The royal audience of Santa Fe (Argentina?) reported that in consequence of an appeal that two imprisoned concubines should be included in the royal pardon it developed that the crime of concubinage was of mixed statute and since the prosecution had been started it should be continued as those guilty of crime not included in the scope of the pardon cannot benefit by it. After consultation the royal will is that the rules for the prosecution for concubinage should be the same in the Indies as in Spain. Quotes from a letter of the bishop of Plasencia, (Spain) that: pastors should strive to uproot the public sins of laymen and if their efforts fail the secular authority should be invoked; fines imposed by pastors are not a sufficient restraint and that practice is to be condemned. If the local and colonial officials are negligent they are to be reported to the council of the Indies. When a royal pardon is granted it includes all those being prosecuted, provided their crime comes within the scope of the pardon. By order of the King, by Antonio Ventura de Taranco.

1788 Apr. 25

Armesto, Andres Lopez, notary public.
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

This copy conforms to the original.

There is at this point in the archives at Notre Dame another copy of this royal decree of Dec. 21, 1787, as follows:

1788 Apr. 30

Rivero, Joseph Antonio de, secretary
Hav(an)a, (Cuba)
to (Antonio de Sedella) vicar and ecclesiastical judge of Louisiana
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

He sends a copy of the royal decree of Dec. 21, 1787 relative to the prosecution of the crime of concubinage. Rivero's note at the end of the copy and dated Apr. 16, 1788 states that this copy conforms to the original which is in the archives in his charge.

IV-4-c A.L.S. 13pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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