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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1790/03/01






1790 Mar. 1

Gamarra, Father Fran(cis)co
Nacog(doche)s, Texas

to Antonio de Sedella, (auxiliary) vicar
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

He mentions his letter of Feb. (18) but fearing that it may have been delayed he again lists the articles which he has received. He thanks him for his efforts to recover the debt owed by (Antonio) Blanc and urges him to continue them because of the great injury being done to the mission of Bahia del Espiritu Santo. Since Oct. 1788 the minister of that mission has had nothing save the small amount sent by Sedella with (______) Fonteno(u). He also asks for the balance in paper money of what he owes for the goods sent to him. It seems to Gamarra that in Jan. 1789 Sedella received 700 pesos from (______) Dapremot which were then changed to silver so that they must have been allowed to Blanc. He asks information about this so that he may tell the above mentioned minister at La Bahia. He also asks that by the bearer of this letter which bearer Gaspar Fiel has sent from Nachitoz (Natchitoches, Louisiana) Sedella would send him the goods which he mentions. He is sending a little ? and six buffalo tongues which he hopes will not suffer the fate of the skins. P.S. Regards to Andres (Lopez) Armesto, and Jose Ortega and Ant(oni)o Ximenes from Gamarra and his father companion.

IV-4-g A.L.S. 4pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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