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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1790/03/20









1790 Mar. 20

Deva, O.M.Cap., Father Bernardo de
Atakapas, (Attacapas, Louisiana)

to Senor Don Francisco Grevemberg, ensign of the infantry and militia of Attacapas and provisional commandant of the same post.

This is to answer a memorial by Hilaire Boutte which was written in answer to Deva's petition concerning the intents of the decree obtained by Lorenzo Diepa against the said Boutte. Before Boutte goes to Apelusas (Opelousas) he ought to give bond that he has goods to cover the debts mentioned in the above decree. Boutte has written in his libel that he has paid 971 pesos and one real; that is a lie. Deva has received from him only a note for 24 pesos from Manuel (de) Prados and another from (______) Ducrest neither due for some time and without formality. Still less effective are the notes of ( ) Felipe and ( ) L'abbe. Boutte has probably forgotten about other money matters as also his consent to retire one of the notes in the hands of (
) Monsante. For many years Boutte has been engaged in underhand work. He now seeks to impede justice in Grevemberg's court and to cast a cloud about Deva in order to escape from his just attack. Deva now asks that Boutte pay his debts and restore for the damage done by his non-payment so far of the debt owed to Diepa; if he cannot pay let him be put in prison. (There is at this place in the archives a Spanish version of this memorial).

IV-4-g A.D.S. 4pp. 8vo. (French)

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