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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1793/03/04







1793 Mar. 4

Quinones, Estevan de, notary public
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Order of the foreign vicar (Father Theodoro Thirso Henrique Henriquez) that no more bodies are to be buried in the old cemetery but that for the future all burials are to be in the new cemetery outside the city.

1793 Mar. 3

Carondelet, Francisco (Luis Hector) Baron de
New Orleans

to Father Theodoro Thirso Henriquez
New Orleans

He is informed the Mme. (______) Brion is to be buried in old cemetery this very morning. He asks that Henriquez give orders immediately that neither this body or any other be given burial in the old cemetery.

1793 Mar. 4

Henriquez, Theodoro thirso Henrique
New Orleans

He orders that in future no one is to be buried in the old cemetery under any pretext.

1793 Mar. 4

Quinones, Estevan de
New Orleans

On this day he informed Father Joachin de Portillo, O.M.Cap. of the foregoing decree and he stated that he was ignorant of the reason for the decree since no one has been buried in the old cemetery since 1791, when David Hoge was buried there with the approval of Governor (Estevan Miro). (Notes follow stating that Quinones) informed Rev. Tirzo de Peleagonzalo, O.M.Cap., Rev. Luis de Quintanilla, O.M.Cap., Assistant Pastors of the Church of St. Louis, New Orleans.

IV-4-k A.D.S. 5pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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