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1793 Mar. 19

Henriquez, (Father) Theodoro thirso Henrique
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Sister (Margaret de Saint Ignatius Duliepore), O.S.U., superioress
New Orleans

The person who should receive the key of the tabernacle on Holy Thursday is Nicolas Maria Vidal, lieutenant governor and auditor of war by reason of the superiority of his authority over that of Manuel Serrano, the mayor. Formerly the mayor's position was the norm in the matter which norm was followed when Martin Navarro was intendant general.

1793 Mar. 16

Duliepore, O.S.U., Sister Margarita de San Ignacio
New Orleans

to Father Theodoro Thirso Henrique Henriquez
New Orleans

Vidal the lieutenant general has come to the convent of the Ursulines stating that this year it is his privilege to receive the key of the tabernacle on Holy Thursday although this was formerly the right of the mayor by reason of there having formerly been no lieutenant governor in that colony. She asks what to do as she does not wish to offend either of the gentlemen.

1793 Mar. 18

Henriquez, (Father) Theodoro Thirso Henrique
New Orleans

to Francisco (Luis Hector) Baron de Carondelet gov. of Louisiana
New Orleans

He encloses a copy of Sister Margarita's letter which speaks for itself. He thinks that the lieutenant governor and auditor of war ought to receive the key because of his greater authority and asks what Carondelet thinks.

IV-4-k A.Ds.D. 10pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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