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1793 Apr. 22

Quinones, Estevan de, notary public
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Proceedings carried out at the request of (Francisco Luis Hector) Baron de Carondolet in order that the honor due him as vice-royal patron in this province (Louisiana) be paid him by the pastor of the Church of St. Louis and his assistants.

1793 Apr. 21

Carondolet, (Francisco Luis Hector) Baron de
New Orleans

to (Father) Theodoro Thirso (H)enrique (H)enriquez
New Orleans

He noticed that in celebration of the feast of today in the church of the monastery of the Ursulines he was not incensed nor did he receive the kiss of peace, honors due him as vice-royal patron. He asks Henriquez to give orders to the pastors that the ceremonies provided for in the laws of the Indies be observed.

1793 Apr. 22

Henriquez, (Father) Theodoro Thirso Henrique
New Orleans

to Francisco (Luis Hector) Baron de
New Orleans

Copy. He also noted the omission complained of by Carondolet as he too was present. However he could do nothing at the time since the ceremony was at the very moment omitted in his case also. There will for the future be no repetition of this lack of respect or of other defects of observance to which Carondolet has been subjected in the parish church of St. Louis.

1793 Apr. 22

Henrique, (Father Theodoro Thirso Henrique)
New Orleans

In his communication of yesterday Baron de Carondolet called attention to the omission of ceremonies due him in the church of the Ursuline religious; these ceremonies were also omitted in the case of Henriquez himself; Father Joaquin de Portillo, (O.M.Cap.) pastor of the Church of St. Louis was admonished concerning similar defects which have occurred in the parish church; no amendment having been made Henriquez commands that for the future the omissions be supplied and he warns Portillo and the assistants of the penalties incurred by disobedience in this regard. Before Quinones, who states that on the same day he informed Father Portillo concerning this decree, as also Father Thirso de Peleagonzalo, (O.M.Cap.), Father Joseph de Villaprovedo (O.M.Cap.) and Father Luis de Quintanilla, (O.M.Cap.) assistant pastor and chaplain of the Ursulines.

IV-4-k A.D.S. and copy of A.L.S. 9pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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