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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1795/08/14





1795 Aug. 14
1794 Aug. 15
Llaguno y Amirola, Eugenio de (Minister of Justice)
(Madrid, Spain)

to (Francisco Luis Hector, Baron de Carondolet)
New Orleans, Louisiana

In accordance with the legal action brought by Father Joaquin de Portillo, (O.M.Cap.) regarding the rent of a house, his Majesty has decided that the 500 pesos rent should be paid. Let the two houses which belonged to Fathers Antonio de Sedella and Josef de Xerez be rebuilt so that the Capuchins may use them until Don Andres Almonester (y Roxas) builds the mission house according to his offer. (Certified copy made on Aug. 14, 1795 by (name illegible))).

IV-5-b 2pp. 8vo. Certified copy of D.(Spanish)

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