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1795 Aug. 17

Penalver y Cardenas, Luis Bishop
(New Orleans)

1.) The Bishop announces the receipt from the Bishop of Havana, based on the Royal Decree of Oct. 2, 1794 of the official gloss of the accounts of Father Antonio de Sedella, during the time he was a collector of the parochial rights and churchwarden of the present Cathedral of St. Louis. Moreover, the Bishop of Havana declares therein that the knowledge of such procedures as well as of others is personal to the Bishop.
2.) Penalver decrees: a.) That the gloss made of those accounts by Father Luis de Quintanilla and the Brother Vicente de Alcala are to be added to this gloss. b.) That according to the law of the Royal Patronage of the Indies, the Baron de Carondelet is to be notified in order that he may take the necessary measures in the matter. Signed by the Bishop and witnessed by Rivas.
--To this is added a note by Rivas, dated Aug. 17, 1795 certifying that he notified personally the Baron of the above decree, and the Baron agreed willingly to cooperate in the process. (This note is not signed).
--To this is added a decree by the Bishop Cardenas and Carondelet, ordering the gloss of the accounts, made on Oct. 19, 1792 by Father Quintanilla and Brother Alcala, to be handed over to Father Antonio de Sedella in order that he may add it to whatever he wishes to explain it. Signed by the Bishop and Baron de Carondelet.
--To this is added a note by Rivas, certifying that the above decree was issued at New Orleans by the Bishop and the Baron and signed by them on Aug. 20, 1795. Signed by Joseph Maria de Rivas.

L.S. 2pp. 4to. (Spanish)

1795 Sep. 2

Sedella, Father Antonio de

to Francisco Rendon
(New Orleans)

Father de Sedella asks Rendon to certify that during the 21 months he had control of the Church, he received only 50 pesos for the expense of bread, wine and candles and that with them he supplied the said Church during the first six months of 1788. Moreover, he asks Rendon to have the Auditorship verify this. Signed by Antonio de Sedella.
--To this is added a note by Rendon, on the top of the first page of Sedella's letter, dated Sep. 3, 1795, ordering this to be done as requested.

1795 Sep. 4

Orue, Joseph de, Chief Accountant of the army and Royal Exchequer
(New Orleans)

1.) Orue certifies that as it appears from the general Auditorship books, Father de Sedella received, during the time of his administration, only the amount of 400 silver reales on June 30, 1789.
2.) That the present certification was issued according to the preceding decree of the Quartermaster General of these provinces. Signed by Joseph de Orue.

L.S. 2pp. 4to. (Spanish)

1795 Sep. ?

Sedella, Antonio de

to Bishop Penalver and Baron de Carondelet
(New Orleans)

Sedella says:
a.) That according to the decree of the 20th of the last month he was allowed to examine the gloss of his accounts made by Father Quintanilla and Brother Alcala on Oct. 19, 1792.
b.) That they, even approving the accounts, found the difficulty that in 1788 and 89, 100 (400?) "pesos" were allowed to Sedella by the treasury whereas he received according to the receipts he is presenting.
c.) Sedella asks the Bishop and the Baron to decide what should be done, and swears that he is not acting with malice. Signed by Antonio de Sedella.
--To this is added a decree by Carondelet and the Bishop ordering the document accepted.

A.L.S. 1p. 4to. (Spanish)

1795 Sep. 12

Carondelet, Baron de
Penalver y Cardenas, Luis Bishop
(New Orleans)

1.) The Bishop Penalver and the Baron de Carondelet have examined the accounts of charge and expenditure during the time (March 24, 1788 to the end of Dec. 1789) Father de Sedella was the church warden of the present Cathedral of St. Louis. In these accounts are included to those of the collectorship of incomes of the same church from July 2, 1782 to April (?), 1787.
2.) Since the charge amount to 2.615 "pesos" and 4 "reales" and the expenditure to 4.021 "pesos" and 2 "reales" with the balance of 1.405 "pesos" and 6 "reales", the only question put on the floss is solved by the certificate of the Royal Auditorship of the army.
3.) Therefore, the Bishop and the Baron approve the accounts and declare that the churchwarden owes the Treasury of the Church the above mentioned amount of 1.405 "pesos" and 6 "reales".
4.) Moreover, they order that this amount be paid by the churchwarden when he may have funds and without using his allowance.
5.) Moreover, the churchwarden is to be notified of the present decree and an account of it is to be written in the ledger with a copy of these accounts.
Finally, the originals are to be filed in the archives. Signed by the Bishop of Louisiana.

IV-5-b A.L.S. 2pp. 4to. (Spanish)

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