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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1796/06/30





1796 Jun. 30

Saint Pierre, (O.Carm.) Father (Paul) de
St. Genevieve, (Missouri)

to (Father Pierre Josef Didier, O.S.B.

St. Pierre thanks his confrere for his kindnesses. He asks (Didier) to send him the Schedule of Fees(?) translated into French and the way in which he used it, which he had promised him. Father (James) Maxwell will have the kindness to explain what may be obscure. Mr. Zenon (Trudeau?) had promised to send him the census of the St. Genevieve district which (Didier) used; (Didier) might ask him for it and send it with the census of St. Louis so that he may use them as models. He sends the address of Bishop (John) Carrol(l). If (Didier) could obtain anything from charitable persons for Carroll's Cathedral he is to send it by Mr. Menard or other gentlemen who do business at Baltimore.
P.S. Saint Pierre has told Mr. Pratte the (Didier) needs salt and lard and he has promised to send it. Saint Pierre sends greetings to (Didier)'s brother and sister-in-law. He asks him to put a crystal in his watch and to make the price of it.

IV-5-j A.L.S. 3pp. 8vo. (French)

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