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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 179607





1796 Jul.

(Penalver, y Cardenas, Luis, Bishop of)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to (Charles IV, King of Spain?)

On March 19, (Penalver) received an official letter from Baron (Francisco Luis Hector) de Carondelet. Governor, which he encloses as No. 1. The Baron asks the fulfillment of the laws concerning the privileges and ceremonies due to the Patron, the City Council and the Lieutenant Governor as they did not receive due attention on March 19. He answered the letter, Paper no. 2, explaining the cause of the failure and proposing an appointment for discussion and to speak about a new cathedral which would accommodate all these legislations. He saw the Lieutenant Governor but no agreement was reached so he wrote another letter, Copy No. 3, offering to make up a set of rules. Afterwards he found that it was unnecessary to make more rules as Book 3, Part 15 explains all the privileges and ceremonies. He prefers to discuss what, in his opinion, is wrong in the demands of the Governor so that His Majesty may judge as he sees fit. (Specific ceremonies and persons are discussed at length and the number of the law given in some cases). Since Carondelet does not know the laws he must take his lieutenant's opinion and decided not to attend the conference. (Penalver)'s point of view is based on the laws; if he has made a mistake His Majesty will point it out to him.

IV-5-j L. Copy or Draft 4pp. 4to. (Spanish)

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