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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1796/10/07




1796 Oct. 7

Quintero, Father Isidro
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

In compliance with (Penalver's) decree of October 4, 1796 and having looked over the documents presented by Father Patricio (Patrick) Walsh, Irish pastor, Quintero certifies that: Walsh received the tonsure and other minor orders from Bishop Andres del Barco, Bishop of Salamanca, on February 4, 1792; the same bishop ordained him as subdeacon on February 12, as a deacon on February 19 and he became a priest of February 25. On March 2, he received permission to say Mass, on April 9 to hear confessions and certification that he was under no canonical censure. On October 13, 1792 he was chosen as chaplain of the Louisiana Regiment which post he held until May 1, 1793 on which date he was named Foreign Vicar of these provinces by the Bishop of Havana, to whose diocese they belonged at that time. On August 7, 1793 he was given the title of Commissary Sub Delegate of the Holy Crusade and on February 15 of the same year had been made chaplain of the Royal Hospital, a position he held until February 15, 1795. After (Penalver's) arrival in the diocese on July 17, 1795, general licenses were granted to Walsh on August 10, 1795 and on September 9, 1796, the city council declared that they considered him deserving of any favor he wished to ask from His Majesty.
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1796 Oct. 7

(Penalver y Cardenas, Luis), Bishop of
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Knowing that the contents of the documents referred to above are true and that Walsh had heard confessions and administered the Eucharist to English Catholic, instructed others who were not Catholics, that he had accurately fulfilled several commissions, behaved with honor and Christianity, that his morals were befitting a clergyman, (Penalver) considers him deserving of royal favor. Penalver orders this certification to be issued and given to Walsh with the documents produced by him. A note states that this is a copy for the guidance of the secretary.

IV-5-l D. Copy 3pp. 4to. (Spanish)

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