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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1796/10/08




1796 Oct. 8

Quintanilla, O.M.Cap., Father Luis de

1796 Oct. 7

Quintanilla, O.M.Cap., Father Luis de
New Orleans, Louisiana

to Bishop (Luis Penalver y Cardenas
New Orleans, Louisiana)

Quintanilla asks to go back to his native province of Castile from which he has been gone for 25 years. 24 years have been spent in Louisiana. He believes he has accomplished his mission as the king requires members of religious orders to remain abroad only 10 ten years.

A.D.S. (Spanish)

(1796) (Oct. 7)

(Penalver y Cardenas, Luis), Bishop of
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Quintanilla may go tomorrow if the Vicar-General ratifies the decree. In notes, Father Isidro Quintero certifies that Penalver signed the decree and that it was made known to Quintanilla of the Cathedral of St. Louis.

A.D.S. Draft (Spanish)

(1796) (Oct. 8)

Hassett, Father (Thomas)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Due to the shortage of priests, (Quintanilla) will have to postpone his departure until someone replaces him. Carlos Ximenez certifies that Hassett signed the document as Vicar-General and that Quintanilla was notified of the above decree.

A.D.S. Draft (Spanish)

IV-5-l A.D.S., A.D.S., Draft 3pp. 4to (Spanish)

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