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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1797/08/12




1797 Aug. 12

Maxwell, Father (James)
Ste. Genevieve, (Missouri)

to Father (Pierre Joseph) Didier, (O.S.B.)
St. Louis, (Missouri)

Maxwell is returning Didier's bear cub by the captain of Mr. Mesnard's barge who is bringing flour to St. Louis for the king. He had trouble getting it from the officers who wished to take it to New Orleans to present to the bishop from Didier. Maxwell is glad of the chance to get rid of it because it has eaten about a dozen young chickens. He sends his compliments to Mr and Mrs. Didier and the young ladies. Didier is to send Maxwell information about his church by Mr. Zenon (Trudeau?).

V-1-c A.L.S. 2pp. 8vo. (French)

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