University of Notre Dame

Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1799/07/10






1799 Jul. 10

White, Father Gregory

1799 Mar. 29

White, Father Gregorio
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to (The Royal Patrons ?)

White left Ireland for the College in Seville. He was appointed to service in this province in 1787 with three other Irish priests, serving in Natchez, Coles Creek, Nogales and La Fourche des Chetimaches. He now finds it impossible to continue because of illness, as testified in the accompanying certification. He desires to retire to Bilboa with his present salary or a pension.

L.S. (Spanish)

1799 Mar. 28

Pellegrue, Fouignet
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Pellegrue recommends a sea voyage for White's health. In a note following, Robert Dow certifies the same.

D.S. (Latin)

1799 Jul. 10

Quinones, Estevan de
Liotau, Luis
Pedesclaux, Pedro
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

As notaries, they certify that Pellegrue, Josef (Montegut) Montaigut and Dow who sign, are: the first, a doctor of the royal hospital, the second, a surgeon in the same and the third, a doctor in the city.

D.S. (Spanish)

V-2-f L.S., D.S. (Spanish) 4pp. 4to.

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