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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1799/10/17







1799 Oct. 17

(Carroll), J(ohn), Bishop of
Balt(imo)re, (Maryland)

to Bishop (Luis Penalver y Cardenas)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Last June, (Carroll) answered (Penalver)'s letter of April 12 but it was never sent. Therefore he recapitulates its contents. The principal subject of (Penalver)'s letter was Father (Leandre) Lusson. Lusson was at Baltimore for some months, coming from Santo Domingo, where he had a parish. He was appointed to assist in a parish not far from Baltimore. Here he was guilty of a fault which required his removal. He solicited forgiveness with much humility and was sent to Kaskaskias where his native French might be more useful. After a short stay, Lusson moved into (Penalver)'s diocese and did not obtain an exeat from (Carroll). If he behaves properly in (Penalver)'s diocese, (Carroll) is glad. He is a Franciscan Recollect. The others alluded to in (Carroll)'s last letter are Father (Michael) Barr(i)ere, French, and Father (John Maguire) McGuire from Ireland. Barrere left his parish in Kentucky many years ago. McGuire likewise accepted a mission to Kentucky and was provided with money which he used to go to Louisiana, where (Carroll) hears, he now is. (Carroll) is highly obliged to (Penalver) for his attention to the Catholics at Natchez. (Carroll) has lately appointed a pastor for them, Father Matthew O'Brien, a clergyman of great merit. Father Paul de St. Pierre has often solicited employment but as (Penalver) saw fit to dismiss him, it seemed improper to employ him. (An exact translation of the above letter into Spanish is given).

V-2-f A.L.S. (English and Spanish) 7pp. 8vo.

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