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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1799/11/09



1799 Nov. 9

Armesto, Andres Lopez
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Bishop (Luis Penalver y Cardenas)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Armesto, honorary commissioner of war and secretary of this district, in order to ask for a pension from the military "monte pio" for the widow Cirila Wat(t)s needs the record of her marriage to Manuel Gayoso de Lemos, which is in bishop's archives.

L.S. (Spanish)

On the same paper:

1799 Nov. 8(?)

(Penalver y Cardenas, Luis), Bishop of
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

The document is to be given as asked. father Isidro Quintero certifies as secretary.

A.D.S. (Spanish)

V-2-f L.S., A.D.S., (Spanish) 1p. 4to.

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