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(1801) (Apr. 4)

Penalver y Cardenas, Bishop Luis

1800 Apr. 17

(Penalver y Cardenas), Bishop Luis
New Orleans, Louisiana

to The Magistrate of New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana

(Penalver) has arranged that from the March equinox up to September Terce will begin at 9 in the morning and from September to March at 10 except the services of Holy Week. Services on Palm Sunday will begvin at 9, on Holy Thursday at 8:30, on Friday at 7:30 and on Sunday at dawn. Since the magistrates will attend some of the services (Penalver) gives them this information.

L.S. Copy (Spanish)

1800 Apr. 21

Pedesclaux, Pedro
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

On April 18, 1800, Nicolas Maria Vidal, Acting Governor and president of the Council; Manuel Perez, Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Armies and Senior Judge; Juan Bautista Poeyfarre, Junior Judge; Pedro Denis de la Ronde, Lieutenant of the Louisiana Regiment and alderman, chief ensign; Pedro De La Roche, Captain of the Militia and alderman; Nicolas Forstall, alderman; Rodulfo Josef Ducros, alderman, trustee; Fran(cis)co de Riano, Captain of the Militia and alderman; Gilberto Andry, Captain of the Louisiana Regiment and alderman; Joseph Leblanc, Captain of the saime and alderman; Juan de Castanedo, Ensign of the Militia and alderman; and Pedro Dulcedo Barran, Attorney General, met to deal with matters relative to the public good. A letter of April 17 from the Bishop was read and considering that the hours set for Holy Thursday and Good Friday do not seem convenient for their assembly, they decided that the president come to an agreement with the Bishop about the hours. Pedeclaux as clerk certifies that this is a copy of the act passed by the council.

A.D.S. Copy (Spanish)

1801 Mar. 31

Vidal, Micolas M(ari)a
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Bishop Luis de Penalver y Cardenas
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Being informed of Penalver's letter of April 17, 1800, the magistrates of this city decided the next day that Vidal make an agreement with Penalver as he will see from the enclosed document. But then Penalver left the city on his pastoral visit into the interior and later Vidal was pressed with duties. So now he informs Penalver that because of the cold weather it would be more convenient if the services began at 10 in the morning from October 15 to April 15 and in the remaining months began at 9. But since the Cabildo will not assist in a body at these services Penalver can do as he wishes. As for the Holy Week services, the Cabildo will arrive at the church on Thursday at 9 and on Friday at 8; that will be the time the services at the altar begin.

L.S. (Spanish)

On the same paper:

1801 Apr. 4

(Penalver y Cardenas), Bishop Luis
New Orleans, Louisiana

The services of Holy Thursday will begin at 8:30 and end at 11:40; those on Friday at 7:30 and end at 10:25; those for today will begin early in the morning and the Alleluia will be sung at 8.

A.D.S. (Spanish)

V-2-m L.S. Copy, L.S., A.D.S. (Spanish) 12pp. 12mo. and 4to.

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