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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1801/11/11





1801 Nov. 11

Salcedo, Manuel de
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Bishop (Luis Penalver y Cardenas), Archbishop-Elect of Guatemala

to Bishop (Luis Penalver y Cardenas), Archbishop-Elect of Guatemala
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Illness and the difficult work of his office have prevented him until now from answering (Penalver's) letter of September 30 enclosing the proceedings to better the assistance to the ill and a copy of the paper which was sent with the letter of November 19, 1799, to Nicolas Maria Vidal, governor and vice-patron concerning the Charity Hospital, the doubt that Penalver has that there would be funds in the treasury for building on the Hospital's land, accounts which the deceased Andres Almonaster was to bear, whereabouts of the rentals from the twelve gates, tavern rentals collected in the administration of Fran(cis)co Leyva, the legacy of Father Fran(cis)co de Caldes, (O.M.Cap.), and the treatment of the patron's negroes. Salcedo is pleased with the ability and foresight with which Penalver proposes that the widow solve the affairs with the papers which have been left or if there are difficulties, have recourse to His Majesty through his council where they will be solved. Salcedo would be glad to have the governor conclude this delicate and thorny affair but since he has not done so he will take the measures he believes will carry out Penalver's wise and zealous foresight. Salcedo will be happy if he can follow Penalver's zeal in explaining the affair to the widow. (Penalver adds a note on the first page: To be turned over) to the vicar-general of the diocese.

V-3-d A.L.S. (Spanish) 5pp. 8vo.

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